Where am I? August & September 2017:  Poland & Ukraine.

   Hello little clown! Welcome to my clown corner.

   Here I present myself with total clarity, in a very personal way. I hope you find my words friendly and think that my inside clown (the essence of my being) is a nice guy with a big appetite for teaching.

   So, relax and take your time to travel around my website:
  • Teacher: Myself, my teaching method, access to my CV...
  • Classroom: The knowledge that I teach.
  • Workshops: Description and features of the workshops.
  • Conference: Description of the Nomad Conference.
  • Services: What I can offer you.
  • Feedback: The feedback of my students. Write yours!

   If something isn't clear and you have questions on mind, just contact me. You also can tell me about you and the positive aspects of your life.

   Red noses and love!
Ray.        :)